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frequently Asked Questions
What is this site is all about? is a website which provides online guidance to different homework problems.
For students, just post a question you’re struggling with, experts in the subject will write the custom tutorial to teach you how to answer your difficult homework assignment, Pick a tutorial looks good, buy it. Learn the material and ace all of your classes.
For tutor, write the tutorials in your expertise area and earn lots of money, all for helping students to learn.
Students and tutors can post both questions and tutorials.
What will be the charges to register here?
Registration on is free.
How does Asking question work ?
To ask a question, simply click on the ‘ask a question’ link, if you select ask question as ‘public’ , it will show to all the users of the site , if you select ask question as ‘private’ then you have to select a specific tutor also , this question will show only to the selected tutor. Now fill in all the fields, and just hit ‘preview question’, check the preview of the question and then click on the submit button. Once that is done, your questions will be posted to the site for tutors to access and help you.
How much do i have to pay for my question ?
Asking a question is free but you must put a minimum price ($1.00) or you can choose your own price to pay for a solution.
What will be the posted price of my tutorial?
The price of the tutorial is depends on the tutor, he can ask as much price as he worked hard for the problem. The minimum amount must be $1.00.
What is the rating system for user?
Our User Rating system is designed to help you decide if a potential solution is going to be of a high caliber. Our rating system is derived from the Weighted Geometric Mean - in other words, if someone answers a high-offer question and gets an awesome rating for it, that'll influence their overall User Rating more than a rating from some lower-offer question. We've implemented this system because we basically assume that high-offer questions are going to be more difficult to answer than lower offer questions, and we want to weight the ratings as such.
Is there any minimum and maximum withdraw limits?
There is no minimum or maximum withdraw limit after first withdraw, $25 minimum withdraw limit for first time withdraw.
I'm worried about putting money in my account?
Don't worry. We take the security of your money very seriously. Like we said above, though, you don't have to deposit money to start posting tutorials. Give Experts4students a try, first, and see how it feels. We're confident that your worries will be allayed pretty quickly.
How does the User and Tutorial rating system work?
Our rating system is derived from the weighted geometric mean – in other words, if someone answers a high-offer question and gets an awesome rating for it, that'll influence their overall User Rating more than a rating from some lower-offer question. We've implemented this system because we basically assume that high-offer questions are going to be more difficult to answer than lower offer questions, and we want to weight the ratings as such.
What is the difference between User Rating and Tutorial Rating?
User rating shows tutor’s overall performance for all his tutorials, Higher rating shows that tutor is experts in his field and trust worthy. Tutorial rating shows the overall rating of that tutorial given by different students; higher rating shows the quality of the work of that tutorial.
What’s the best type of tutorial to provide?
More is always better. When we show the random 20% of your tutorial to the question-asker, we will also let them know how long the overall tutorial is. Remember that students are here to learn how to solve tough homework assignments, not to turn in your work as theirs. Always, always, provide more than a one-line answer to a question. Explain each step of how you got the answer you did. The better of a job you do teaching students how; the more likely students are to buy your tutorials and rate your work highly.
Is this cheating?
Help from internet is not cheating if use it as guide purpose, it always help you, when you don’t have any physical presence of instructor.
Can I buy advertising on your site?
Experts4students do not offer advertising opportunities on the site for any product or any service.
Do you guys have any sort of policy against cheating?
Yes, we take this issue very seriously, please review our Academic honestly policy for more details, students and tutors must agree to our Academic Honesty policy to use our service.
Explain this Ask Question thing to me?
Let’s say you are having problem with a physics question. You post your question on experts4students and under price, you put a monetary value on your question to entice people to help you work through it, once you post it, your question becomes available to the whole of the experts4students community. Tutor will post the tutorial under your asked question and we will show you 20% of the tutorial and total number of words in the tutorial.
How do I select the tutorial I want?
Once people have posted tutorial for your question, we'll show a random 20% portion of their custom tutorial to you for you to look over. This is done so that the person answering your question knows that you don't have their whole tutorial without paying them for it. So you can look over the part we showed you and, if it looks good, you can buy the complete custom tutorial from them. You can even buy more than one custom tutorial for your problem if you want, if that seems like a good idea.
What are these categories for?
The categories are there to let you tell Experts4students how to organize your question. When other users are browsing for students to tutor, they can look through the categories we have listed. So if you're asking a question about Math, you can select Math category.
The Category I want isn’t an Option?
In this case you can ask your question with “General Category” option and if you want us to add this category in option list, please contact us. If they seem valid, we'll add them to our list.
Explain this purchase tutorial thing?
When asking a question or when browsing other user's questions, you may find a tutorial you want to purchase. We provide you with a random 20% sample of the tutorial so you can ensure it looks good. If you decide you want to buy it, all you have to do is click "Buy Tutorial" and place it in your Tutorials Bucket.
What are the site fees? What's all this about?
We need a bit of money to keep the site running - stuff like servers, bandwidth, advertising, and customer support help. We have to take some percentage of the payments to keep this whole thing running. Please see our friendly Fees Page for more information about this.
Can I post a tutorial on my own?
Sure! Let's say you did a really good job solving a really tough math problem, like showing all of your work and even writing a little bit about what you were doing in each step. You can upload this as a tutorial for other students.
How do I get my money?
Visit Withdraw Funds to request a PayPal withdrawal.
How much time it will take to withdraw fund?
Normal withdrawal will take 30 days. You can use other fast withdrawal options after you have earned $1000 or more.
Can I use my credit card or bank to add fund on this?
You can use only PayPal to add funds.
What is private tutorial thing?
Student can ask his question directly with his selected tutors, question will not visible publically only selected tutor can see it.
How do I trust on any tutor?
Checkout tutors feedback, talk to him; Check the preview of the tutorial he provided for your question, if you like it you can choose him as your tutor.
Do I have to pay money to start posting tutorials?
No, tutorial posting is free.
I've bought my tutorial now what?
Take time to carefully read the tutorial and try to work through your problem with the help that your tutor has provided. If you have other similar questions from the same assignment, try solving a few of those too. If you don't understand something, ask your tutor for a clarification. Once you've figured it all out, rate the quality of your tutor's help so that other users can see what you thought!
What is tutorial bucket thing?
After purchased all the tutorials, we place them in tutorial bucket, so in future you can check your purchased tutorial any time.
How do I change the rating, I gave someone?
Contact us to change the rating you gave to someone.
I'm having problems with My Balance?
Please contact our support department. We'll deal with it as quickly as we possibly can. And please, be as descriptive as you possibly can in order to help us help you. Everything will be fine, we promise.