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Posted on 12/29/2015 at 8:15:28 AM
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Posted on 12/29/2015 at 8:15:28 AM
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Question 1 (2 points) Which of the following is a primary disadvantage of viral marketing? Question 1 options: 1) The costs of viral marketing are too high for most companies. 2) The brand associated with the viral message is usually forgotten. 3) Marketers have little control over who receives the viral message. 4) Viral messages are less likely to be viewed than other types of online promotions. 5) Viral messages are blocked by most search engines. Question 2 (2 points) In CRM, findings about customers discovered through ________ techniques often lead to marketing opportunities. Question 2 options: 1) value marketing 2) data mining 3) test marketing 4) neuromarketing 5) serial processing Save Question 3 (2 points) It is most accurate to say that successful niche marketing relies on a firm's ___ and its ____. Question 3 options: 1) marketing strategy; services 2) individual relationships with customers; positioning 3) superior products; value network partners 4) greater knowledge of customers' needs; special reputation 5) competitive advantage in comparison to mass-market companies; affordable pricing Question 4 (2 points) Which of the following is true of the U.S. age demographics? Question 4 options: 1) The Millennial generation accounts for nearly half of all the discretionary consumer spending in the U.S 2) The Generation Xers are the most educated section of the population 3) The baby boomers are the poorest segment of the population 4) The Generation Xers form the largest segment of the population 5) The Millennials are the most financially secure segment of the population Question 5 (2 points) As a result of the great success of corporate chains, many independent stores chose to band together in one of two forms of contractual associations: a voluntary chain or a(n) ________. Question 5 options: factory outlet retailer cooperative independent off-price retailer warehouse club value retail center Question 6 (2 points) Companies can build customer relationships at many levels, depending on the nature of the target market. Hence, a company with few customers and high margins is most likely to seek to develop ________ with key customers. Question 6 options: 1) full partnerships 2) basic relationships 3) selective relationships 4) categorical partnerships 5) community relationships Question 7 (2 points) The Zavyr Corporation, a manufacturer of electronics products, is planning to release a new product into the market. They are hoping to tap into a new market of commercial tracking devices. The product to be released, FindIt, is unlike previous tracking devices in that it is virtually unnoticeable and cheap. But FindIt will primarily only help to find objects lost within a living space, as it has a low frequency detection range. Which of the following kinds of techniques would suit the Zavyr Corporation for advertising FindIt? Question 7 options: 1) informative advertising 2) reminder advertising 3) classified advertising 4) comparative advertising 5) personalized advertising Question 8 (2 points) A company that allows consumers to use monthly installment plans for buyers to pay for products is using the promotional tool of ________. Question 8 options: direct marketing public relations advertising personal selling sales promotion Question 9 (2 points) Reseller markets involve ________. Question 9 options: government agencies that buy goods and services to produce public services individuals who buy goods and services for personal consumption firms that buy goods and services for further processing in their production processes firms that buy goods and services and then sell them at a profit Question 10 (2 points) New-product development starts with the step of ________. Question 10 options: idea generation idea screening concept development concept testing test marketing Question 11 (2 points) In selective distribution, producers purposely limit the number of intermediaries handling their products. Question 11 options: 1) True 2) False Question 12 (2 points) Physical distribution firms that help the company stock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations are considered to be marketing intermediaries. Question 12 options: 1) True 2) False Question 13 (2 points) Which statement is true regarding social class in the United States? Question 13 options: 1) Social class is determined primarily by income level 2) Lines between social classes in the United States are fixed and rigid 3) Social classes show distinct product preferences in clothing and automobiles 4) Wealth is more critical than education level in measuring social class 5) People are relegated to a permanent class layer in the United States Question 14 (2 points) Marketers must be careful to guard against stereotypes when using age and life-cycle segmentation. Question 14 options: 1) True 2) False Question 15 (2 points) Which of the following is an example of horizontal conflict in the distribution channel? Question 15 options: 1) a Nike shoe dealer complaining that the shoes provided to the dealer are defective 2) a Ford car dealer complaining that another Ford dealer is overpricing customers for the same car model 3) a FedEx agent complaining that a DHL agent is

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