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UOP MGT521 Final Exam 2015
Category : Business
Posted on 12/24/2015 at 8:04:08 AM
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UOP MGT521 Final Exam 2015
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Posted on 12/24/2015 at 8:04:09 AM
Posted By : Bestmind
Question Ethnocentric managers believe that their native country, culture, language, and behavior __________________. are outdated need to be changed are hurtful to others are superior to all others Joan, a new manager, must enforce sales report deadlines, but her team is struggling. She creates a new system to streamline the process and helps everyone understand why the deadlines are important. This is an example of which force for change? demographic characteristics manager'sbehavior shareholder, customer, and market changes human resource concerns According to Kotter, management and leadership are considered to be _____. almost entirely unrelated causal; that is, management causes leadership opposing forces complementary to each other A goal is also known as a(n) ______________. objective vision task business plan Organizations using a matrix structure _____. contain two command structures, in which some people actually report to two bosses centralize authority into a single person establish a hierarchy in which employees report to only one supervisor contain multiple overlapping command structures, in which employees report to several managers Which balanced scorecard perspective helps top management's judgment to be better linked to measures of employee actions at lower levels? Operational perspective Financial perspective Customer perspective Internal business perspective Wanda, a CEO, has been encouraging her managers to study and utilize theoretical perspectives of management because this approach _____. is an effective synergy-building a

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