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MGT401/ MGT401 Test 2 (20/20)
Category : Law
Posted on 12/23/2015 at 8:40:12 PM
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MGT401/ MGT401 Test 2
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Posted on 12/23/2015 at 8:40:12 PM
Posted By : Bestmind
Question 1. Fred calls an off duty police officer a clown. Bill, the police officer objects and decides to get even with Fred. The next day while on duty, Bill enters the back door of Fred’s house and finds crack cocaine in his bedroom. Fred’s Constitutional rights have: A) not been violated. B) been violated pursuant to the Fourth Amendment. C) been violated pursuant to the Seventh Amendment. D) All of the above. 2. Mark carefully plots a course of action to embezzle $100,000 from his employer, Sue. He is fired before he ever gets a chance to put the plan in action. In cleaning out his desk, Sue finds his plans. Mark is: A) guilty of a crime because he intended to carry it out. B) not guilty because there was insufficient actus reus. C) not guilty because he is no longer employed by Sue. D) guilty of a crime because he had mens rea. 3. What happens if the police illegally seize evidence in violation of the Fourth Amendment? A) The defendant's arrest is nullified. B) The defendant is entitled to another trial. C) The defendant will be paid for the expenses of his defense. D) The evidence will likely be excluded from use at trial. 4. Individuals may use reasonable force to protect themselves, their property, and other individuals. In this context, reasonable force would mean: A) deadly force is reasonable to protect property. B) deadly force is never reasonable to protect property. C) deadly force is reasonable if an attack threatens the victim with serious bodily harm. D) Both (b) and (c). 5. Paul is working as an undercover drug agent. He enrolls in classes at State University where he meets several students in business administration and invites them to come to his house for a party. No mention is made of any drugs, but he does say he will have a keg of beer. Shortly after his guests arrive, he gets out some marijuana and encourages

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